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about us

1 Grand Garage Founder/ Owner, Bryan Krasner

has been in the business of commercial and home painting and home improvements for over 25 years.

While Bryan has painted many homes and businesses and tidied up all the unravellings that can spring up in any building, he has also uncovered a new love for elevating unloved garages and helping turn them into

modern day, multi-use, appealing spaces.

Some Project types we work on:

Clean garage

Taking an unfinished garage and giving it a good gloss over.

Sealing floors and painting the walls can immediately increase value in your garage and bring an aesthetic appeal that will no doubt be enjoyed more than your unfinished space.

Empty Garage

Garage Storage and organization that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Your garage houses many important tools and aspects of your home. Keep it all organized and good looking so not only can you find everything, but you will also enjoy being in there.

Modern garage interior

Garage as an extension of home: Living, entertaining and work area.

Today, many homeowners are repurposing garages into another living space in the home. We can help redesign your garage space to accommodate today’s modern uses beyond

car storage.

Home garage interior background with open door

Our goal is to design a space that offers a multifaceted living/ working/ storage space in the most

overlooked room in your home...

The Garage!

Call us today to schedule a visit and obtain a quote to

elevate your garage to today’s modern needs.

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